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How To Communicate When On The Open Road

Traveling the world and seeing new things is the dream of many people on this planet. That being said, the stress of not being able to get one’s point across due to the language barrier causes many to give up on their dream. Instead of doing that, why not have a plan to allow one to communicate more effectively without the months or years of study required to be fluent in a language. #TheOpenRoad

Read on for some quick tips on how to do so. Oh and don’t forget to check out my last post on places to travel.

Let’s face it. One is not going to hold complex conversations about politics with a complete stranger in a foreign land with just a month or less of training. When one is traveling to a new place though, common phrases are a necessity to getting around. Understanding this and practicing how to say these key sentences will quickly get one acclimated and closer to being conversational in a new language.

By practicing a few of these and learning the key answers, in particular the words you need to get your point across, is all that is necessary to get over the barrier of not understanding. At least making this effort will signal to a foreign person that you are trying, and for most that is enough to create a small bond one never would have had achieved any other way.

Finding a local to help you get your point across is always a great strategy. If you’re a native English speaker then you shouldn’t have any problems trying to find someone who can help you. Use one’s hands to describe in combination with the expressions learned will go a long way in getting any point across. Be careful of this though as it can backfire on you. When I was in Asia a few years ago, I told someone who was heckling me to “Shoo” with the classic brushing away hand action. Little did I know that in Asia the brushing away action actually means for someone to come closer, oops!

Another great way to pick up a language is to take an online course or a class at your local college. Yes, this takes more time but you’ll be able to work through structured training to get some great results. I know a few people from my time traveling in India who were trying to learn english online, they took a relatively cheap course called, How to Learn English. Within days they started to see a real difference in their communication skills. Being part of a Facebook group also made communicating with others who are also learning a lot easier.

The same goes for people trying to learn Spanish, French, etc. Online language training can be a great way to start learning a new language. A popular example of this is Rosetta Stone.

Youtube is a great way to hear languages being spoken by native speakers. You can learn about local dialects and hear slang terms that you may not learn in a structure course. One tip I found on youtube is using movies to learn how to speak a language, movies are a great way to learn how people speak naturally in conversation and what’s relavent in popular culture (well, if you’re watching current films). Check out the video below to see what I mean:

If you’re really trying to get more of a grasp on a language before you travel. You can use technology to your advantage as well. Many mobile applications can greatly assist one in communicating effectively but never use it as one’s primary crutch. Apps such as Duolingo can we a great way to learn the basics of a language, in fact, if you spend long enough with the app you can find yourself quite proficient in a language.

Do you have any language learning tips? Reach out to me on twitter!


Travel To These Countries In 2016 #DiscoverTheWorld

Traveling is such an exciting opportunity, especially when you’re traveling the world and seeing different countries and experiencing the culture of those countries. There are attractions, shopping centers, festivals and of course all the great restaurants with unique cuisines and more available for your discovery and enjoyment.

So which countries are you prepared to travel in 2016? Check out this list of the top countries for people to visit in the new year.

Would you imagine that Greenland would be on the list? I would never have thought, not because Greenland isn’t a great country to visit. It’s a great country, and you might want to now add it to your list of future destinations. Uruguay is another really interesting find when looking at the list of top 10 countries to visit for 2016.

One country that you might expect to be there is Fiji, and a great time to visit is during the holidays. Latvia also makes the list, and the next one, Australia, is a rather large destination that you might want to visit over and over again. So many people travel to the Gold Coast each and every year.

Are you wanting to experience diving and snorkeling in a place that you might not have even heard of before? The premier diving and snorkeling destination of 2016 is Palau. Poland, the US and Japan also make the list of the top 10 countries. There is only one more, and I saved the best for last, as it is #1 on the list.

The country is Botswana, and there, you will get to experience the African safari and jungle. That would definitely make for a unique and interesting vacation! So which one of these countries will you pick first?

What Are The Best Photo Locations In Los Angeles?

If you are a photographer in the Los Angeles area, you have many opportunities to shoot great photos. Whether you are visiting or reside in the area, the hot spots for photographers are abundant. This article gives you some examples of the best photo locations and tips for shooting in the area. Use this advice to get amazing snapshots throughout Los Angeles.


Do you like urban styles, art, and culture? Then shooting in The Art District is ideal for you. This area of Los Angeles is widely known for being home to amazing graffiti work. The art in this area is constantly changing. You can use The Art District as a repeat shooting location as the graffiti is ever changing.

Local law enforcement suggests that photographers only shoot in this area when it is light outside. This reduces the risk of getting your camera or equipment stolen. It’s also wise to travel with a group if you aren’t familiar with the area. Stick to shooting before the sun goes down in order to stay safe.

la-city-imageLittle Tokyo is another district that’s ideal for shooting very unique photos. The Japanese culture blends with the Los Angeles scene, giving you an incredible look into both worlds. Shooting here is popular among photographers who like art, fashion, and city life snapshots. Apply the tips given above about traveling during the day and protecting your equipment.

These are just two of the many examples of great photo locations in Los Angeles. Consider browsing the city’s official website for information about local parks, buildings, live shows and more. These can be great places and events to shoot. As you can see, Los Angeles provides ample opportunities for photographers who want to take memorable, unique and high-quality pictures.