California is quite a large state, and so there are plenty of hidden gem restaurants. Of course, there are also the top-rated restaurants and favorite celebrity hot spots which are easy to find in any of the major directories like yelp and trip advisor. If you want to pay too much for your food, get in a traffic jam, have trouble making reservations and end up disappointed in a sea of faces, that’s up to you. Instead, you could be hitting up these hidden gem restaurants in California that not everyone knows about.

When I was looking up the best unknown restaurants in California, one site had two ads at the top of the actual listings. I was surprised to see Wingstop listed there. Okay, Wingstop is great and all, but it’s definitely only listed there for advertising purposes. Let’s get to the real listings, the real hidden gems.

black-fig-LA-restuarantThe Tulip Cafe and The Black Fig are two of listings. The Tulip Cafe is located in downtown Los Angeles, and The Black Fig is located in the Arts District. One thing about Los Angeles is that not much can be hidden in that city, but these restaurants are indeed considered hidden gems.

Next up on the list is Papilles Bistro, and you can find this favorite spot in Hollywood Hills. A good restaurant in LA is first going to be one that the tourists don’t flock to in droves. You want to stay away from that scene and instead be eating with the locals. Of course, there are other cities besides Los Angeles, but to unpack all the best unknown restaurants in California would take quite awhile.

I’ll give you some more listings to consider for next time you eat out at a restaurant in California. Nabeeya, Yuko Kitchen and Aroma Restaurant are three more options. Check out the cuisines for each and pick your next dining out experience.

I know this is a short one, let me know on twitter if you like these types of mosts as I have no shortage of food recommendations from around the world.