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Choosing The Best Camera Lenses For Travel

If you plan to travel soon, you are likely trying to decide what photography equipment to pack. Choosing the right lenses to take can really impact the photos you shoot. You want to get the best image quality possible while travelling. If you are having trouble deciding what lens or lenses to take, consider the advice in this article.

First, consider the weight of the lenses you own. If you are flying, you will want to pack lenses that are considerably light. Heavier models can be a hassle to carry or pack. If you were to pack all of your lenses and equipment, your bag would be too heavy to carry. Try to pick out one or two quality, light lenses to take.


Next, consider which of your lenses are most versatile. There are so many different things to shoot when you are travelling. From scenery to portraits, you want to be able to capture it all. This means a lens such as a macro lens will not be the best choice. Choose a lens or lenses that can properly shoot a large variety of subjects.

Lastly, consider the possibility of your lenses being lost, stolen or broken. You may want to leave your most expensive lenses at home because of these factors. If you are staying with family in a safe city, this may not be a factor. If you are going abroad to a foreign city, you should pack lenses that are not too expensive.

Keep these factors in mind as you begin planning your next trip. When you choose your lenses carefully, you will get the best possible shots.

Remember to carefully pack your lenses so they are not damaged during travels. This will ensure you can enjoy shooting throughout the entire trip.

Learning Travel Photography & Hitting The Road

Another blog post from our recent series of travel photography related posts.

Travel photography is so much fun because you not only get to have those new and unique experiences, but you get to bookmark them as well with great photographs. You’ve treasured those memories, and you can even get into freelance photography as a job and not just a hobby. It’s really up to you how far you want to go with everything.

When you’re traveling to a new location, you’re going to want to make sure that you do some research so that you know all the great places to take photographs. It’s still going to be nothing like exploring the place in person, but familiarizing yourself with the territory is always good.

sunrise-beachMake sure you have all your photos backed up. Depending on the type of equipment you have, you might benefit from having a good portable hard drive. Laptops also come in handy of course, and these days it’s almost like people can simply just use their phones. I took some great photos of the Myrtle Beach sunrise by simply using my phone.

If you’re in a place with quite a few tourists like I am, it’s going to be better if you can work outside their schedule. This will give you the most peaceful opportunities for photographs, such as the sunrise I was talking about. Look for places with the best views, and it helps if you stay in a hotel with a nice view. You can always make it a practice to take those types of pictures from where you’re staying and make them into a travel journal of photographs.

One thing you might want to do is start a travel blog, and you can post updates to your blog on various social media sites. Make sure you have all of the other equipment you need and get ready to take some great photographs.

What Are The Best Photo Locations In Los Angeles?

If you are a photographer in the Los Angeles area, you have many opportunities to shoot great photos. Whether you are visiting or reside in the area, the hot spots for photographers are abundant. This article gives you some examples of the best photo locations and tips for shooting in the area. Use this advice to get amazing snapshots throughout Los Angeles.


Do you like urban styles, art, and culture? Then shooting in The Art District is ideal for you. This area of Los Angeles is widely known for being home to amazing graffiti work. The art in this area is constantly changing. You can use The Art District as a repeat shooting location as the graffiti is ever changing.

Local law enforcement suggests that photographers only shoot in this area when it is light outside. This reduces the risk of getting your camera or equipment stolen. It’s also wise to travel with a group if you aren’t familiar with the area. Stick to shooting before the sun goes down in order to stay safe.

la-city-imageLittle Tokyo is another district that’s ideal for shooting very unique photos. The Japanese culture blends with the Los Angeles scene, giving you an incredible look into both worlds. Shooting here is popular among photographers who like art, fashion, and city life snapshots. Apply the tips given above about traveling during the day and protecting your equipment.

These are just two of the many examples of great photo locations in Los Angeles. Consider browsing the city’s official website for information about local parks, buildings, live shows and more. These can be great places and events to shoot. As you can see, Los Angeles provides ample opportunities for photographers who want to take memorable, unique and high-quality pictures.