Traveling is such an exciting opportunity, especially when you’re traveling the world and seeing different countries and experiencing the culture of those countries. There are attractions, shopping centers, festivals and of course all the great restaurants with unique cuisines and more available for your discovery and enjoyment.

So which countries are you prepared to travel in 2016? Check out this list of the top countries for people to visit in the new year.

Would you imagine that Greenland would be on the list? I would never have thought, not because Greenland isn’t a great country to visit. It’s a great country, and you might want to now add it to your list of future destinations. Uruguay is another really interesting find when looking at the list of top 10 countries to visit for 2016.

One country that you might expect to be there is Fiji, and a great time to visit is during the holidays. Latvia also makes the list, and the next one, Australia, is a rather large destination that you might want to visit over and over again. So many people travel to the Gold Coast each and every year.

Are you wanting to experience diving and snorkeling in a place that you might not have even heard of before? The premier diving and snorkeling destination of 2016 is Palau. Poland, the US and Japan also make the list of the top 10 countries. There is only one more, and I saved the best for last, as it is #1 on the list.

The country is Botswana, and there, you will get to experience the African safari and jungle. That would definitely make for a unique and interesting vacation! So which one of these countries will you pick first?